The General Public and Patients

Participation in studies

Who can participate?

Patients who are currently receiving treatment at the National Cancer Center Hospital and Hospital East and who have been diagnosed with a neoplastic lesion based on a pathological examination or who are strongly suspected of having a neoplastic lesion based on their past history and imaging studies may participate.

Are there any benefits or detriments to participation or non-participation?

Please be advised that this study is being conducted for the future advancement of medicine and medical care, so that there is no direct benefit to the patients who participate. That said, you will be, by participating in this study, contributing to medical research to establish new treatments, such as the development of new drugs and new combination therapies, for future cancer patients.
Non-participation will not affect your normal medical treatment, and you will not be penalized in any way. In addition, your participation or non-participation in this study will not change your treatment plan.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to participate in this study. No honorarium will be paid for your participation.

Voluntary participation and privacy

Can I revoke my consent to participate in research?

You may withdraw your consent at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact the person in change at ncc_j-pdx_info(at)ml.res.ncc.go.jp.

Will my personal information be protected?

The samples and information you provide will be “anonymized” by replacing your information with unrelated symbols and numbers so that individuals cannot be identified, and those specimens and that information will be strictly managed.

Provision of specimens and information

How and where will the specimens and information be used?

Samples and information will be used by domestic and international research institutes, including the National Cancer Center. When samples and information are used, research institutes such as universities and companies will conclude an agreement with the National Cancer Center. Those samples and that information will be available following a review by the Institutional Review Board.


Can I learn about results of your research?

Research results are published in the form of academic papers and conference presentations. They are also posted on the “Achievements” page of this site.

Can you individually inform me of the results of your research?

In principle, research results and the information obtained from analyses will not be disclosed to individuals.

For Researchers

Information on samples

I would like to learn more information about samples. Whom should I contact?

Contact the person in charge at ncc_j-pdx_info(at)ml.res.ncc.go.jp.

Use of samples

What are the conditions for use of samples?

The Library can be used by researchers at research institutes and in companies. Please follow the necessary procedures to use the Library. For details, please see the “Procedures for using J-PDX samples” on the “For Researchers” page.

What is the process for using the Library?

The procedures vary depending on where the experiments involving samples will be conducted. For details, please see the “Procedures for using J-PDX samples” on the “For Researchers” page.

How much of a sample can you provide?

It depends on the type of sample and model. For details, please contact the person in charge at ncc_j-pdx_info(at)ml.res.ncc.go.jp.

Do you sell samples?

An Ethics Policy on the Implementation and Use of the J-PDX Library has been formulated, and samples are all on loan from the National Cancer Center. Please see the “J-PDX Ethics Policy” on the “J-PDX Library” page to learn about the context for the formulation of that policy and its details.